“My utopia – I …

“My utopia – I live in Anchorage so we see a lot of glassy-eyed utopian seekers coming once the snow melts and that will be coming soon. But for us up here, there’s nothing like the darkness of winter to encourage you to seek the utopia. And for many up here, it’s Hawaii, of course, and there are many pilgrimages. But also living up in Alaska, politically, a lot of us progressives seek political utopia and so for me, where I grew up in San Francisco is that. And then also, culturally utopias like TALK OF THE NATION is a place that a lot of us find on a daily basis.”

‘American Utopias’: From Disney World To Zuccotti Park

Definitely worth a listen.
From Talk of the Nation- NPR.


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feminist of color. social justice activist. dog lover. horror movie connoisseur. volunteer. radical liberal. earth warrior. avid sandal wearer.

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