Gold Dipped Champagne Flutes

The champagne glasses are from Goodwill- 99 cents for 3 glasses. The third was chipped so you can see I used it for practice. This was my first successful craft using spray paint. Don’t ask about the other one-


This was my practice flute, which I used to experiment with the spray paint coating.


Once I understood how to spray lightly and evenly and allow for drying between coats, I was good to go!

This was maybe 3-5 coats in. I sprayed very lightly. And you can see I used a plastic bag to cover up the areas I did not want to spray. The painters tape was good for peeling and re-sticking. It took me a while to get the placement of the curves right.


This is probably closer to 10 coats in.

I let the paint sit for 2 days because I’m usually too antsy for the reveal. This is me peeling of the painters tape!

A piece of painters tape on the bottom keeps the lines clean.

The bottom looks neat without it being painted gold too.


Easy as pie!



NOTE: Be sure to cover all surfaces before you spray paint. Don’t forget the ground surface. I like newspaper and old cardboard boxes to stand behind the spray.