Cultural Appropriation and Commodification

“I would feel shame. And for what? For being different. As Jaya points out, we are “perpetual immigrants” when we decide to don our Indian attire and bindis. We are treated as odd or different but when Selena Gomez wore bindis, it was cool! So this is the problem: when a Western public figure does the same thing as a typical Indo-American, but it is treated differently. One is given veneration and the latter – alienation.

So I speak for myself and I will not take it upon myself to speak for others, but as an Indian – please don’t disrespect where I’ve come from. My “elephant god” is not something cool to be tattooed on your calf, my bindi is not to be worn to your Billboard Awards and Indians are from India – Native Americans are not Indians.”

Truth Be Told

selena-gomez-dance-2  <—Check out this link

This post is a tribute to a Facebook rant I had a couple of weeks ago about Western celebrities donning bindis.

Cultural appropriation – def: the borrowing of another culture’s elements such as dress, practices, language or mannerisms.

It sounds like a good thing, right? It seems like a the right thing to do – putting yourself in another’s shoes. However – it becomes more of a Halloween parade with Native American headdresses, Japanese kimonos, and North Indian lehengas. (I thought American Halloween is about being scary? – Freddy Krueger and Scream masks. I don’t know why dressing in cultural clothing gets mixed in the jumble but that’s for a more dense topic which I’ll probably write more in depth about in October).

I just got back from a yoga class (hot vinyasa yoga- Try it! It’s amazing) and I had a flashback from a…

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Do you 🙂

Rad Amy

Earlier this week I was in the city looking for a place to eat and I saw a cute Vietnamese restaurant tucked away in a corner. I was so excited. If you’ve ever had an iced Vietnamese coffee with crème then you know what I’m talking about. I was alone but I wanted to treat myself to something nice. I entered the restaurant and was directed to a table near a window. I went to sit down only to find that I literally had to wedge my fat ass into the chair.

Oh, the bad feelings.

I quickly looked around to find a different chair that I could trade this one for but they were all the same. This was a restaurant designed (unintentionally) for skinny people. I was so upset! I felt like they should just put a sign on the door that says ‘No Fatties Allowed!’ Of course…

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