What is Modge Podge Feminism?


Hey ya’ll 🙂

My name is Sonalee. I am a 2nd generation, Indian American feminist in my mid-twenties based out of Philadelphia. Second generation means I am a U.S.-born child of at least one foreign-born parent.

To give you some background: My BA is in environmental studies and geography & urban studies. I am currently studying social work and human sexuality and working towards my Masters. This blog should teeter between all things intersectional, like feminism, race, sexuality, fat activism, and Ind-Amr topics.

How I define myself: I am a woman identified woman. Being a woman-identified-woman means I (1) prioritize women relating to women and (2) help to create a new consciousness for women to relate to women as integral parts of the Cultural Revolution and women’s lib. I am an activist above all else. This includes and is not limited to fat activism, reproductive justice, or dispelling the C in ABCD. Second gen’s know what I’m saying.

What is my mission: I created this blog because I have a lot of questions, and as an Indian American feminist and I don’t see many blogs directed primarily at the issues I face. For example, my partner is black and I would like to hear about other Blindian relationships and your personal experiences on race politics. I am one of those millennials who consumes media selectively. I pick and choose what and how I consume. I’m also very interested in media literacy and feminist movie reviews.

Atmospheric goal: Imagine this sign hanging above my blog like a sign on a door. “KEEP IN MIND that we are a pro-woman, queer friendly space that’s open to people of all ages, skin colors, and social classes. In sharing this space please be conscious of the things you say and do. <3”

Blog Handle Inspiration: In January, I signed up for multiple friends’ 2013 Craft Pay It Forward. Needless to say, I started a pinterest and have been crafting like an unhinged ex-AC Moore employee ever since. Have you ever played with Mod Podge- the crafting glue that makes decoupage uber easy? If not, then you are either not on pinterest or have found that recipe on pinterest to make your own cheaper version. If so, this describes the intersectionality and layering and contradictions of my own personal brand of feminism.  You’ll see what I mean-

Please do send me questions to answer and topics to cover at modgepodgefeminism@gmail.com
Find me on facebook too www.facebook.com/ModgePodgeFeminism

Welcome to my personal space 🙂